Tarver Table Laminate: Evening Notte; Paint: Graphite | Grin Seating Fabric: Camira Blazer Dartmouth; Finish: Portobello | Idara Seating Fabric: Pallas Sherlock Trench; Finish: Portobello | Lolita Seating Fabric: Unika Vaev Fusion Jam; Finish: Portobello | Milam Seating Finish: Black; Seat: Black | Nate & Natty Seating Fabric: Knoll Catwalk Forecast and Maharam Tress Idyll; Finish: Portobello | Superkool Seating Fabric: Maharam Huddle Pottery; Finish: Portobello | Tizelle Seating Fabric: Gabriel Savak 51005; Finish: Portobello | Volute Seating Fabric: Mode Clavicle; Paint: Black; Finish: Portobello | Nash Seating Fabric: Maharam Huddle Tuxedo, Gabriel Savak 51005; Finish: Portobello | Looper Bench Finish: Portobello | Freestanding Kiosk Laminate: Portobello, Cloud
Whittaker Lounge Fabric: Designtex Bixby Macro Nite, Camira Synergy 66 Serendipity; Paint: Cinder | Hobsen Lounge Fabric: Sina Pearson Wool Structure Breath; Finish: Cinder | Romilda Table Finish: Walnut; Glass: Black | OM Pod Sit Paint: White | Behnti Seating Finish: Walnut
1C Featured Products
Jovalie Lounge Fabric: Luum Fleece Balsam, Unika Vaev Atelier Jungle, and Maharam Flint Tiki | Jelsen Tables Laminate: Midnight Run and Timeless: Paint: Putty and Satin Bronze Metallic
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WaveWorks Tapered Base Conference Table Finish: Clear Walnut | WaveWorks Storage Finish: Clear Walnut; Paint: Moonbeam | Karid Task Upholstery: Momentum Illumina Shadow, Maharam Bask Swell, Maharam Pace Vapor, Architex Ultrachevron Dew, Unika Vaev Cocoon Shadow, and Carnegie Sonata 3
Eklund Lounge Fabric: Stinson Ritz Antelope, Maharam Huddle Pottery; Finish: Portobello | Joelle Ottoman Fabric: Maharam Blended Stripe Mesa; Finish: Portobello | Holden Table Top: Ceramic; Base: Gold | Block Party Ottoman Fabric: Dark Gray | Marnia Tables Solid Surface: Bisque; Fabric: Unika Vaev Atelier Decadent; Paint: Iron | Toss Bean Bag Fabric: Maharam Pasture Moonstone and Maharam Hearth Gingersnap; Thread: Navy; Leather Handle: Florence Mezza Luna | Vesta Mobile Power Unit Paint: White | Fight Club Lounge Fabric: Designtex Bixby Macro Burgundy and Luum Fleece Ignis | Whimsy Ottoman Fabric: Designtex Bixby Micro Burgundy; Solid Surface: Concrete
Collette Lounge Fabric: Architex Ultrachevron Clay; Thread: Beige; Paint: Iron | Eklund Lounge Leather: Florence Terra; Finish: Portobello | Marnia Tables Fabric: Luum Fleece Aer; Solid Surface: Concrete; Laminate: Midnight Run; Paint: Designer White and Concrete | Frill Table Finish: Clear Walnut; Paint: Cinder | Oscar Accessories Metal: Black | Romilda Media Console Finish: Walnut; Glass: Black | Footings Table Solid Surface: Deep Night Sky; Paint: Concrete | Cowabunga Stool Seat: Walnut; Base: Black Metal | OM Pod Standing Paint: White
Culture Café
Just like guests are drawn to visit in the home kitchen, the café is where a lot of socializing and catching up naturally happens. By creating a welcoming space that caters to employees and guests (think a variety of seating spaces, gathering nooks, and of course easy access to charging capabilities), employee engagement and morale will increase and your corporate culture will grow.
Catwalk Showroom