The Hub
Create welcoming spaces that easily promote collaboration and socialization. From casual bar height seating overlooking big city hustle and bustle to homey touches in a welcoming lounge space, this area accommodates all. Whether your guests are gathering for a celebratory meal or employees are having a quick sync on an ongoing project, these flexible spaces are critical to success.
Tessera, WaveWorks, and Epic Casegoods Laminate: Skyline, Custom Pulls | Freestanding Kiosk Laminate: Skyline | Whittaker Lounge Fabric: Maharam Tress Idyll, Pallas Sherlock Trench; Paint: Cinder | Wixler Tables Fabric: Luum Navigate Interlace Camel; Solid Surface: Bisque; Finish: Iron and Portobello | Thatcher Lounge Fabric: Maharam Mohair Supreme Armory; Finish: Portobello | Romilda Sideboard Finish: Walnut; Glass: Black; Paint: Black | Lochlyn Shelves Laminate: Sepia Walnut
Idara Lounge Fabrics: Maharam Blended Stripe Mesa, Architex Ultrachevron Dew, Maharam Pasture Moonstone Finish: Almond | Frill Tables Finish: Clear Walnut; Ring: Cinder | Hobsen Table Glass: Clear; Finish: Sable | Joelle Ottoman Fabric: Maharam Hearth Gingersnap; Thread: Red; Pull: Chestnut; Finish: Almond

EverySpace Conference Table Laminate: Sepia Walnut; Base Paint: Graphite; Leg Paint: Taupe Metallic | Lolita Guest Fabric: Momentum Pop Up Orbit and Designtex Cloud Velvet Slat; Thread: Gold; Finish: Sable | Priority Casegoods Laminate: Sepia Walnut; Paint: Graphite; Trace Pull: Dark Bronze Metallic; Fabric: ArcCom Glinda Blossom, Camira Synergy Process, Fabric: Luna Optik Retro, Sina Pearson Blurred Plaid Heather, and Unika Vaev Suede Plush Blue Cotton
Strassa Bar Height Table Laminate: Sepia Walnut | Nate & Natty Stools Fabric: Stinson Ritz Antelope; Paint: Cinder
Osrick Guest Plastic: Black | Elliott Tables Top: Grey; Base: Black | Avey Stools Finish: Black | Hock Table Wood: Elm
Siren Table Finish: Matte Black | Elliott Table Top: Grey; Base: Black | Osrick Guest Plastic: Grey | Jelsen Table Laminate: Timeless; Paint: Moonbeam | Jelsen Stools Fabric: Maharam Amulet Quartz; Paint: Graphite | Villa Lounge Fabrics: Maharam Hewn Timber, Maharam Blended Stripe Shore, Brisa Fresco Whey; Paint: Cinder
Work Your Way
Happiness is the true measure of success. From private office spaces to lounge-worthy coves to adjustable height work zones, offering a choice makes employees and customers feel treasured. By providing options, they can find what works for their task, ergonomic needs, and state of mind. Create happiness by designing a variety of spaces. The choice is theirs.
Eklund Lounge Fabric: Carnegie Sonata 3, Momentum Polka Domino, and Knoll Tara Nocturne; Finish: Cinder | Jelsen Tables Laminate: Evening Notte; Solid Surface: Designer White; Paint: Graphite and Moonbeam
EverySpace Casegoods Laminate: Timeless, Fog; Paint: Fog, Cinder, Chive; Unified Pull: Fog; Panel Fabric: Merge Ivy; Tack Fabric: Lyko Fleck; Fabric: Camira Blazer Dartmouth and Dorset Platinum | Eager Task Fabric: Camira Blazer Dunhurst and Sina Pearson Lapland Woods; Mesh: Light Grey and Yellow | Paradolia Floor Screen with Angled Legs Fabric: Blazer Lite Retreat; Piping: Dark Green; Finish: Monterey
Embra Lounge Leather: Florence Basilica; Paint: Cinder; Laminate: Kona; 3D Laminate: Cinder; Paint: Cinder; Lamp Pole: Cinder, Kona; Lamp Shade: Matte Black | Hobsen Lounge Fabric: Luum Fleece Alum; Finish: Portobello; Glass: Clear; Finish: Portobello | Lehr Table Ceramic: Brown; Finish: Walnut
EverySpace Casegoods Laminate: Kirsche, Fog; Paint: Fog, Dark Blue, Black, Dark Bronze, Designer White; Panel Fabric: Merge Midnight; Markerboard: Glacier | Whirl Task Fabric: Carnegie Dapple 1; Mesh: White | Helio Task Fabric: Camira Blazer Dartmouth; Mesh: Black | Whimsy Ottoman Fabric: Designtex Bixby Macro Burgundy and Unika Vaev Agile Rapid | Paradolia A-Frame Floor Screen Fabric: Blazer Lite Solace; Finish: Monterey
EverySpace Casegoods Laminate: Sepia Walnut, Paint: Graphite, Unified Pull: Cinder | Karid Task Fabric: Dorset Taupe; Base: Polished | Tolliver Lounge Fabric: Light Grey | Hobsen Table Glass: Clear; Finish: Sable | Paradolia Fabric: Camira Cara Merrick, Finish: Sable, Leather: Ebony
Priority Casegoods Laminate: Almond, Graphite, Paint: Graphite, Weld Pulls: Clear, Fabric: Gabriel Savak 14005 | Whirl Task Fabric: Carnegie Dapple 1; Base: Black | Idara Lounge Fabric: Luum Fleece Aer, Paint: Matte Black | Cohen Tables Metal: Matte Black | Paradolia Wall Panels Fabric: Camira Blazer Lite Retreat, Finish: Portobello
The Meet-Up
Let’s face it, face to face is the way to go. Whether it is in-person or virtually through a screen, some tasks simply require that connection. Support the journey by offering spaces that easily encourage collaboration. The key to creating successful conference rooms and gathering spaces is to offer a mix of solutions. From casual and cozy lounge settings to professional and tech-savvy boardrooms, these areas will be used by all levels of an organization to accommodate their meeting needs.
Eklund Lounge Fabric: Carnegie Sonata 3; Finish: Cinder | Kolo 4 Pod Paint: White; Custom Graphics | Joelle Lounge Fabric: Camira Synergy Process, Maharam Relay Compound; Laminate: Frosty White; Paint: Platinum Metallic | Spot Side Table Finish: Black | Vernita Planter Metal: Cinder | Holden Table Top: Ceramic; Base: Cinder
EverySpace Casegoods Laminate: Timeless; Paint: Cinder; Linear Pull: Cinder | Idara Mobile Fabric: Maharam Mela Nori; Paint: Matte Black | Kitner Bench Laminate: White; Finish: Natural
Pairings Lounge Fabric: Designtex Fomo Merlot, Unika Vaev Agile Rapid, Maharam Mela Umber; Solid Surface: Designer White; Paint: Dark Blue | Tucker Table Laminate: White | Jelsen Stool Fabric: Concertex Spectra Blossom; Paint: Dark Blue | Whimsy Ottoman Fabric: Carnegie Elite 13 | Vesta Mobile Power Unit Paint: White
Room on the Move
Having what is needed when it’s needed makes any task easier. Flexible furniture solutions give spaces the opportunity to morph and transform as situations arise. Take the stress out of reconfiguring learning spaces by providing solutions designed with integrated mobility and smart storage features. This flexibility means less time struggling to set up a space and more time focused on training and mentoring.
Everyspace Casegoods Laminate: Fog; Paint: Fog, Moon Beam, Black, Cinder | Lochlyn Storage Paint: Chive; Laminate: Kirsche, Graphite; Beam Pull: Iron | Swift Lounge Fabric: Unika Vaev Suede Plush Blue Cotton, Maharam Terra Amsonia; Tablet: Portobello; Paint: Iron | Joelle Ottomans Fabric: Maharam Gemma Multi Erosion and Unika Vaev Suede Plush Blue Cotton; Thread: Orange and Dark Green | Whimsy Ottoman Fabric: Designtex Bloomer Bright Blue | Work|Able Wall Solution Paint: Chive; Laminate: Graphite; Fabric: Basket Moonstone; Back Painted Glass: Designer White; Chalkboard: Graphite Nebula; PET: Corrugated Cashmere; Accessories: Graphite, Portobello | Rizora Stool Laminate: Kirsche; Finish: Cinder; Paint: Graphite | Paradolia A-Frame Floor Screen Fabric: Blazer Lite Solac; Leather: Ebony | KORE Carts Laminate: White Nebbia, Fog; Paint: Moon Beam; Felt: Heathered Stone; Studio Pull: Silver Pearl
Well + Good
Even the smallest of spaces can generate grand results. When it comes to mental well-being, having an area that can easily transition into a place of relaxation adds to overall personal health. Improve energy, manage stress, and balance life and work more efficiently by taking a few minutes each day for a simple break or an intentional moment of yoga or meditation.
Lochlyn Storage Paint: Moonbeam, Laminate: Timeless | Joelle Seating Fabric: Designtex Heather Robin's Egg, Leg: Platinum Metallic | Joelle Ottoman Fabrics: Maharam Brush Eggnog and Maharam Huddle Pottery, Finish: Portobello, Leather Handle: Ebony/Black | Whimsy Seating Fabric: Maharam Pasture Moonstone, Finish: Portobello, Leather Handle: Ebony/Black
Lochlyn Storage Paint: Chive; Laminate: White Nebbia; Level Pull: Iron; Fabric: Designtex Heather Robin’s Egg | Brutus Bookcase Finish: Black | Kitner Bench Laminate: White; Finish: Natural | Idara Guest Fabric: Maharam Paisley Brocade Abundant; Finish: Skyline