Riverside 2nd Floor Showroom

The Hub
When you “meet”, it doesn’t always mean in-person. But it does always mean making a connection. Design spaces that can be used for in-person and hybrid collaboration sessions, without missing a beat. This space easily converts from a large gathering area to one that can be thoughtfully reconfigured to accommodate a more personal interaction.
Swift Lounge Fabric: Stinson Ritz Antelope | Universal Base Laminate: Cinder | Vernita Planter Metal: Cinder | Jelsen Tables Laminate: Serotina, Paint: Taupe Metallic | Jelsen Stool Fabric: Momentum Pop Up Orbit, Paint: Sandstone | Joelle Lounge Fabric: Maharam Darning Sampler Lychee, Sina Pearson Lana Ecru, Maharam Flurry Mischief, Leather Handle: Ebondy/Black, Decorative Stitch: Black, Finish: Driftwood | Whimsy Ottoman Fabric: Brentano Chatter Blush Eraser, Architex Hit Parade Drifter, Designtex Burrard Blush, Leather Handle: Ebony/Black, Finish: Skyline
Collette Lounge Fabric: Camira Synergy 66 Serendipity, Paint: Iron | Holden Table Top: Ceramic, Base: Cinder
Footings Table Solid Surface: Deep Night Sky, Paint: Concrete | Cowabunga Stool Seat: Walnut, Base: Black Metal
The Meet-Up
Whether gathering for casual connections or solving problems, these spaces need to be flexible and accommodating. From grand boardrooms to petite huddle spaces, if the aesthetic isn’t inviting, conversations might be stifled. Encourage open discussion by offering various spaces that spark dialog. Be sure to smoothly accommodate in-person and virtual participation by offering flexible furniture that can easily meet fluctuating attendance. Power and data that is intuitive and easy to access is always appreciated by all attendees.
Collette Lounge Fabric: Architex Ultrachevron Clay, Contrasting Thread: Beige, Paint: Iron | Eklund Lounge Leather: Florence Terra, Finish: Portobello | Riffel Table Finish: Portobello | Wixler Table Solid Surface: Concrete, Finish: Concrete | Whimsy Ottoman Leather: Florence Lorenzo, Upholstery: Gabriel Savak 14005, Leather Handle: Ebony/Black | Toss Pillows Fabrics: Fabric: Carnegie Dapple 1, Unika Vaev Atelier Decadent, Designtex Bloomer Bright Blue, Sina Pearson Wool Structure Breath
Tarver Table Laminate: Midnight Run, Finish: Cinder, Paint: Iron | Mabel Seating Fabric: Knoll Melange Sprout, Base: Black | Lochlyn Casegoods Paint: Iron, Laminate: Serotina, Beam Pull: Iron | Villa Lounge Fabric: Maharam Plume Sandalwood, Paint: Cinder | Universal Table Top: Black Marble | Toss Pillows Fabrics: Kvadrat Recheck 115, Carnegie Bijoux 4, Unika Vaev Atelier Decadent
4C Featured Products
fiXt Casegoods Wood: Reclaimed Barn Wood, Paint: Cinder | Lusso Seating Plastic: Black
Room on the Move
Learning and training are the technical terms. Mentoring and building leadership are the outcomes. When a space accomplishes all of these, it’s a victory. By selecting furniture that is nimble and can adjust to dynamic and ever-changing needs, the environment supports knowledge-sharing at every level.
Poppin SpacesRecess Glass: White, Frame: Black | Series L 2S Casegoods Laminate: Walnut, Legs: Charcoal | Stow Storage Chassis: White, Drawer Fronts: Light Grey | Brutus Bookcase Finish: Black | Max Seating Fabric: Dark Grey, Arms and Base: White | Series A Table Top: Natural Oak, Legs: White Paint | Meredith Seating Fabric: White, Base: Polished
Work Your Way
Empower employees to do their best work by providing spaces that accommodate their personal needs…even if those requirements vary from day to day or task by task. Whether the ideal space features visual and acoustical privacy, or benching-style interactions to suit a specific task, people want to have a choice. Provide flexibility in working spaces so that employees can find what works for the job at hand.
Narrate Systems, Priority and Waveworks Casegoods Laminate: Serotina, Midnight Run, and Graphite, Paint: Graphite, Pull Out Drawers: Cinder, Panel Fabric: Lyko Fleck, Cushion Fabrics: Luum Fleece Alum and Pallas Sherlock Trench, Trace Pulls: Cinder, Leather Pulls: Ebony | Melora and Joya Seating Fabric: Brisa Distressed Shield | Pairings Lounge Fabrics: Brisa Distressed Shield and Unika Vaev Fushion Jam, Leg: Brushed | Eklund Lounge Fabrics: Maharam Tress Idyll, Luum Navigate Interlace Camel, Tablet Arm Laminate: Serotina, Laminate: Midnight Run, Metal Leg: Graphite | Whittaker Lounge Fabric: Maharam Pasture Moonstone, Base: Gold
Xsede Systems, Priority, and Footprint Casegoods Laminate: Serotina, Graphite, Fog, Paint: Graphite, Panel Fabric: Plinth Granite, Cushion Fabrics: Luum Fleece Alum and Pallas Sherlock Trench, Weld Pulls: Clear | Lochlyn Casegoods Paint: Taupe Metallic, Laminate: Serotina | Helio Seating Mesh: Black, Fabric: Camira Blazer Dartmouth | Eager Seating Fabric: Camira Blazer Dartmouth | Toss Pillow Fabric: Maharam Tress Idyll
Paradolia Fabric: Camira Blazer Lite Retreat, Leather: Medium Brown | Toss Bean Bag Fabric: Luum Fleece Balsam, Leather Handle: Florence Terra | Frill Tables Paint: Cinder, Ring: Cinder | Narrate Systems Laminate: Storm, Paint: Moonbeam, Back Painted Glass: Benjamin Moore Tarrytown Green HC-134, Panel Fabric: Plinth Granite, Cover Slats: Cinder | Fringe Lounge Fabric: Luum Fleece Balsam, Architex Ultracrush Pitt, Leg: Cinder | Frill Tables Paint: Cinder, Ring: Cinder | fiXt Casegoods Molded Vin Rim: Timeless, Laminate: Timeless, Paint: Cinder | Grin Stools Fabric: Maharam Gemma Multi Erosion, Horizontal Stitching: 1.5” and 2.5”, Paint: Black | QT Lounge Color: Brick | Lehr Table Top: Brown Ceramic, Shelf: Brown Glass, Base: Black
When designed around human needs, community spaces help create better experiences for patients and families by fostering more meaningful uses of time and increasing confidence that they are receiving the best care throughout every step of their journey.
Tessera Casegoods Laminate: Kona, Concrete: Grey, Pull: Platinum Metallic | Everyspace Casegoods Laminate: Kona & Porcini, Paint: Platinum Metallic & Moonbeam, Unified Pulls: Platinum Metallic | Embra Lounge Fabric: Mayer Kensington Stone, Ultrafabrics Pony Galacian, Paint: Platinum Metallic, Laminate: Kona, 3D Laminate: Cloud, Lamp Pole: Platinum Metallic, Kona, Lamp Shade: Matte White | Wilder Lounge Fabric: Architex Ultracrush Pitt, Finish: Kona | Marnia Tales Surface: Concrete, Laminate: Kona, Paint: Platinum Metallic | Rizora Stools Fabric: Carnegie Petal 2, Plastic: Taupe, Finish: Kona | Joelle Seating Fabric: Brentano Exa Stonehenge, Laminate: Kona, Finish: Kona | Nate + Natty Stools Fabric: Maharam Gemma Multi Erosion, Finish: Porcini
Nurse Wellbeing
Settings where teamwork thrives and new work styles are supported, paired with environments where caregivers can relax and recharge, leads to greater job satisfaction, reduced stress, and more responsive patient service.
Narrate, Footprint, and Priority Reception Station Laminates: Porcini and Wallaby, Narrate Frame Paint: Sandstone, Accessories Paint: Moonbeam, Solid Surface: Weathered Concrete, Gleam Pull: Dark Bronze Metallic, Fabric: Lyko Cobblestone | Joya Seating Fabric: ArcCom Transform Blossom and Momentum Silica Etch Almond, Base: Polished Aluminum, Ring: Cinder | Whittaker Healthcare Lounge Fabrics: Carnegie Siltech Grain 1 and Architex Ultracrush Pitt, Paint: Chrome, Finish: Kona | Hobsen Table Solid Surface: Glacier White, Finish: Sable | Frill Table Paint: Cinder, Ring: Cinder | Whimsy Ottoman Leather: Florence Lorenzo, Upholstery: Gabriel Savak 51005, Leather Handle: Ebony/Black | Vernita Planter Metal: Cinder
Weli Seating Fabrics: Designtex Everywhere Texture Shell and Ultrafabrics Volar Bio Bramble, Poly Arm Cap: Concrete, Surface: Concrete, Paint: Concrete | Lochlyn Casegoods Paint: Concrete, Laminate: Willow and Wallaby | KORE Casegoods Laminate: Willow, Paint: Wallaby and Chive, Markerboard: Designer White | Rolli Stool Fabric: Maharam Pepper Pavlova | Pairings Lounge Fabrics: Ultrafabrics Volar Bio Bramble and Designtex Everywhere Texture Shell | Finish: Willow, Paint: Concrete
Kozmic Lounge Fabric: Brentano Brushstroke Bisquit, Paint: Cinder, Laminate: Designer White and Designer White Linear | Weitz Seating Fabric: Momentum Canter Pine | Joya Seating Fabric: Momentum Canter Pine, Base: Cinder
Family Engagement
When the elements of people and place are holistically considered, the results are patient rooms that bring patients and families together – aiding in the patient’s recovery and welcoming family as active participants in the care journey.
Alterna and Priority Casegoods Surface: Corian Carbon Concrete, Laminate: Willow and Wallaby, Access Grommet Cover: Dark Chocolate, Fabric: Momentum Canter Pine, Gleam Pull: Dark Bronze Metallic | Embra Lounge Fabric: Designtex Trove Salt Water, Laminate: Willow, 3D Laminate: Cloud, Paint: Platinum Metallic, Arm Caps: Weathered Concrete, Coat Rack and Lamp Pole: Platinum Metallic and Willow, Lamp Shade: Silver| Ezzeri Seating Fabric: Momentum Canter Pine, Paint: Respite Grey | Aidin Table Laminate: Willow, Vinyl Rim: Willow, Paint: Platinum Metallic
Responsive Design
Our research revealed lack of preparedness as a major obstacle in providing care during the pandemic and beyond. Responsive design goes beyond flexibility with design thinking that incorporates versatility, modifiability, convertability and scalability in product solutions.
Lochlyn Casegoods Paint: Concrete, Laminate: Willow and Wallaby | Joelle Seating Fabric: Maharam Pepper Pavlova | Ezzeri Seating Fabrics: Mayer Kensington Almond and Ultrafabrics Brisa Fresco Sepia, Poly Arm Cap: Respite Grey, Paint: Respite Grey | Marnia Tables Surface: Concrete, Paint: Concrete | Alterna Casegoods Surface: Weathered Concrete, Laminate: Wallaby and Willow, Fabric: Brentano Windsor Oatmeal | Meadow Seating Fabric: Carnegie Scholar 7, Solid Surface Arm Cap: Weathered Concrete | Aidin Table Laminate: Willow, Vinyl Rim: Willow, Paint: Platinum Metallic
Hybrid Care
The typical exam room is not so typical anymore. To support responsive design and the future of care delivery, exam rooms need to be designed to flex to accommodate multiple uses such as traditional exam, virtual care, private treatment, consultation, or even focused team-based care work.
Work|Able Wall Solution Rail Paint: Designer White, Markerboard: Icey White, Worksurface Laminate: Graphite, Support Leg Paint: Cinder, Wire Manager Felt: Heathered Slate | Rolli Seating Fabric: Ultrafabrics Volar Bio Bramble | Greer Seating Fabric: CF Stinson Flanders Fossil, Polyurethane Arm Cap: Cinder | Aidin Table 3D Laminate: Designer White, Paint: Platinum Metallic | Behnti Seating Fabric: Carnegie Scholar 7 | Alterna Casegoods Laminate: Designer White, Trace Pull: Cinder
National is known for being easy to work with and comfortable to be around. Step into our spaces and you immediately feel at home. We offer solutions that are well-designed, inspiring, and don’t break the bank. Bottom line, we create spaces that make you feel at ease. Maybe that’s why people keep coming to us. We’re happy to have you.
Lochlyn Casegoods Paint: Taupe Metallic | Collette Lounge Leather: Florence Lorenzo, Finish: Portobello | Mabel Lounge Fabric: Maharam Paisley Brocade Abundant, Maharam Hearth Gingersnap, Finish: Cinder | Wixler Table Solid Surface: Concrete, Finish: Iron | Marnia Tables Laminate: Midnight Run, Paint: Iron
With modular design and effortless assembly, Poppin is the simple and flexible way to get everyone, everywhere working happy. We’ve created a complete collection of commercial-grade office furniture and supplies while lowering prices and reducing delivery times.
8B Featured Products
Poppin Pod Color: White
Etc. is the unexpected brand with the right mix of attitude, style, and solutions to make your work style meet your lifestyle. We have curated on trend seating, tables, and accessories from around the world to make it simple for you to spruce up a space or do an entire overhaul. Etc. pairs fashion and authenticity, work and life, style and service. We’re your one-stop-shop for any space…productive palace, cozy nook, work from home wonderland, outdoor oasis, the possibilities are endless. We can even deliver direct to your doorstep. BOOM.
Brutus Bookcase Custom Painted: Lavender | Kitner Table Laminate: White | Vernita Planter Metal: Cinder | Tolliver Seating Fabric: Light Grey | Cohen Table Finish: Matte Black
Imagine an office that welcomes you every time you walk in the door. Where new ideas are embraced, collaboration is encouraged, and culture is built one perspective at a time. At Kimball, these are the spaces we love to design. It begins by looking at things a little differently and exploring what brings out the best in people. Everyone has a role. We’re here to support them by crafting products that transform ordinary workspaces into inspiring places.
Whittaker Lounge Leather: Maharam Brush Eggnog, Paint: Gold | Thatcher Lounge Fabric: Concertex Crushed Shell, Finish: Clear | Frill Table Finish: Clear, Paint: Polished Steel
At Interwoven, our passion lies in challenging the status quo. We think about the design of space differently and believe that by putting people at the heart of everything we do, we can help to deliver the best results. By providing thoughtful and purposeful solutions, we enable our clients to safely care for their patients, families, staff, and community. It is our goal to be a true partner in providing the best experiences—from supporting design, specification, and installation, to the way our products improve the delivery of care. By weaving together research that drives innovative solutions, active listening to our client’s needs, and a team with the expertise to help achieve desired outcomes, we are Interwoven.
Ezzeri Lounge Fabric: Luna Metro Paddington, Finish: Chai | Joelle Seating Fabrics: Carnegie Scholar 12, Sina Pearson Wish Tonic, Luna Aperto Rustic, Thread: White, Finish: Chai, Leather Handle: Medium Brown Leather | Alterna Casegoods Laminate: Cha